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Biological Dentistry & Holistic Health Blogs

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Biological dentists and other holistic health professionals tend to have experiences and philosophies that they would like to share with their patients and people interested in health and wellness. Below is a list of our members of TALKInternational.com that maintain a blog. Please take a moment to get to know what biological dentistry and optimal health means to the holistic health practitioner.


blog-small [2] Medicine Wheel Dental – Steven Swidler, DDS Arizona
blog-small [3] Detoxification Methods – James Rota, DDS California
blog-small [4] New Era Dentistry – David Partrite, DDS California
blog-small [5] Know Thy Health – Gary Verigin, DDS California
blog-small [6] San Diego Dentistry – Al Fallah, DDS California
blog-small [7] Impression Dental – Katherine Ahn, DDS California
blog-small [8] Dental Healing – Chester Yokoyama, DDS California
blog-small [9] Centers for Healing – David Villarreal, DDS California
blog-small [10] Dental Health – Anthony Kim, DDS California
blog-small [11] BioSafe Dentistry – Cyrus Bandary, DMD California
blog-small [12] BioCompatible Dentistry – Pearl Zadeh, DDS California
blog-small [13] Studio Z Dental – Tom Zyvoloski, DDS Colorado
blog-small [14]  Stamford Dentist – Leonard Kundel, DMD Connecticut
blog-small [15]  Assure A Smile – Ted Herrmann, DMD Florida
blog-small [16]  International Center for Dental Excellence Florida
blog-small [17]  World Class Dentistry – Jill Morris, DMD Florida
blog-small [18]  Tower Dental Group Florida
blog-small [19]  Guba Dental – Caryn A. Guba, DDS, Pc Indiana
blog-small [20]  Bioesthetic Dentistry – Michael LeBlanc, DDS Louisiana
blog-small [21]  Cedar Cliff Dental – Collin Hatcher, DDS Minnesota
blog-small [22]  Enlightened Dentistry – Idelle Brand, DDS New York
blog-small [23]  Smithtown Smiles – Alex Schvartzman, DDS New York
blog-small [24]  Aadvanced Dental- Inna Shimonovsky, DMD Oregon
blog-small [25]  Philadelphia Dentist – Gerald Regni, DMD Pennsylvania
blog-small [26]  Smile for Total Health- Jeff Hartmann, DMD Pennsylvania
blog-small [27]  Dental Mt. Pleasant SC – Jared Slovan, DMD South Carolina
blog-small [28]  Dallas Designer Smiles- Daniel Strader, DDS Texas
blog-small [29] Houston Dentist – Marilyn K. Jones, DDS Texas
blog-small [30]  Pride Dental – Masoud Attar, DDS Texas
blog-small [31]  Stanley Dental – Logan Stanley, DDS Texas
blog-small [32]  Biological Dentist – William P. Glaros, DDS Texas
blog-small [33]  Synergy Dental – Sean Ulm, DMD Utah
blog-small [34]  CrossRoad Dental – Daniel Mashouf, DMD Washington
blog-small [35]  Dental Designs – Lance Heppler, DMD Washington
blog-small [36]  Integrative Dentistry – Mitch Marder, DDS Washington
blog-small [37]  Kinetic Patterns – Ara Elmajian, DDS British Columbia
blog-small [38]  Thornton Dental – Gary Fortinsky, DDS Ontario
blog-small [39]  Woodbridge – Richard Goodfellow, DDS Ontario