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Documentary about the devastating effects of “silver” Mercury dental fillings

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Trailblazers have taken the reins for a promising end of the Third Amalgam War.

“Evidence of Harm” is documentary that follows two victims of mercury poisoning and a research scientist on their rollercoaster ride to discovering the truth. Using mercury in dentistry detrimentally affected each of them, causing the course of their lives to change.

“Silver fillings,” otherwise known as amalgam fillings, contain 50 percent mercury – a known neurotoxin, which federal agencies regulate in other industries. Most patients don’t know there is mercury in the fillings and are unaware of the consequences – or even that the filling’s packages come to dentists with warning labels. Randall Moore exposes that and much more in this must-see documentary.

Moore’s inspiration hit when his father, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, moved in with him and his family in Kansas. After researching what can cause the disease, Moore found a link to mercury poisoning — and a father with a mouth full of silver fillings. He realized the problem was much bigger and affecting more people than he knew. He had to take action.

By studying the history of amalgam fillings, the health effects of patients as well as dentists and hygenists, and the environmental impact, Moore compiled a thorough and thought provoking story. This compelling documentary will change the way the dental industry is viewed.


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