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Mercury and other Health Topics in the News

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Dental Amalgam in the News

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Nepal yet to down phase dental amalgam [10]

The Kathmandu Post - 1 week ago
The existing Minamata Convention on Mercury, a global treaty that aims to protect human and the environment from effects of mercury, requires each signatory country to phase down the use of dental...

Dental Amalgam Europe Market Detailed Study on Size, Status, & Key Players- DMP Dental, Patterson Dental, APL ... [11]

satPRnews (press release) - 13 hours ago
A new research study from HTF MI with title EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) Dental Amalgam Market Report 2017 provides an in-depth assessment of the Dental Amalgam including key market trends,...

Dental Amalgam Global Market Estimated for a Booming Hike of ... [12]

Digital Journal - 4 days ago
Global Dental Amalgam Market provide country level analysis of the market which includes segmentation by particle shape, particle size, metals and number of ...and...

The World Dental Amalgam Market Forecasted To Draw a Vigorous Expansion of 5% By 2027 [13]

Herald Keeper - 7 days ago
The market for dental amalgam is expected to reach $ 500 million by the end of 2023, this market is projected to growing at a CAGR of ~ 5 % during 2017-2023. Dental amalgam are combinations...

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Fluoride Question Goes to Edgartown Voters [15]

The Vineyard Gazette - 1 day ago
The decision about whether to add fluoride to Edgartown's public water supply will now go before voters next April, following a successful petition effort by residents. The Edgartown town...

Fluoride's toxicity [16]

Rutland Herald - 3 days ago
Deaths due to fluoride in the water? There have been deaths due to water-borne fluoride ( Hooper Bay, Alaska, 1992; dialysis fatali- ties), but the real issue is fluoridated water's long-term...

Fluoride debate continues as dental association briefs council ... [17]

Namoi Valley Independent - 18 hours ago
FIGHT FOR DENTAL HEALTH: Dr Michael Jonas and Dr Sarah Raphael spoke at fluoridation meetings in Gunnedah and Tamworth on behalf of dentists and ...and...

Proponents ask North Marshall Utilities board to return fluoride to water supply [18]

WAFF - 23 hours ago
North Marshall Utilities ceased putting fluoride in the water system at the end of October. A group of dentists and other health professionals appeared before the utility's board Tuesday night to...

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Drug Addiction

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For opiate addiction, study finds drug-assisted treatment is more effective than detox [19]

Los Angeles Times - 3 days ago
Say you're a publicly-insured Californian with an addiction to heroin, fentanyl or prescription narcotics, and you want to quit. New research suggests you can do it the way most treatment-seeking...

Proposed Columbus budget adds money to fight opiate addiction [20]

The Columbus Dispatch - 10 hours ago
Columbus Public Health wants to start an outpatient medication-assisted treatment program next year to help people who are struggling with drug addiction as the city looks for ways to fight the...

Woman says unknown person signed her up for opiate addiction program: Mayfield Village Police Blotter [21]

cleveland.com - 1 day ago
A woman reported Nov. 18 someone used her personal information to sign her up for an opiate addiction program at a rehab center. She said her employer also advised her they were notified through...

Opiate Addiction Is An Ongoing Crisis In America [22]

HuffPost - 4 weeks ago
Furthermore, opiate addiction is so extensive in the United States that President Obama allocated funds to implement Medical Assisted Treatment (MAT) programs to decrease the rate of recidivism and...

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Parents can help minimize children's pain from vaccinations, study says [23]

CBC.ca - 1 day ago
Four-year-old Harrison watches curiously as the nurse approaches his two-year-old sister, Georgia, to give her the flu shot at a Toronto pediatric clinic. But his curiosity quickly turns to alarm...

Vaccinations: Not just for kids, flu [24]

Petoskey News-Review - 3 days ago
NORTHERN MICHIGAN — When most people hear the word “vaccination,” they probably think of one of two kinds: The slew of vaccinations children receive (now into their teens) or the annual...

Health Tip: Ease Your Child's Worry During Vaccinations [25]

U.S. News & World Report - 10 hours ago
(HealthDay News) -- Lots of young children dread getting routine shots, triggering worry among their parents. So what can you do to ease your youngster's stress? The U.S. Centers for Disease...

Vaccinations benefit more than just the person who gets the shot [26]

Reading Eagle - 3 days ago
Why do we get vaccinated? Everyone has a choice whether or not to be vaccinated or vaccinate their children. There are some communities that uphold certain moral or philosophical reasons for not...

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The Anti-GMO Movement Has A Social Justice Problem [27]

Forbes - 3 days ago
An acronym that conjures specters like pesticides, cancer, obesity, the transformation of life forms into intellectual property, and corporate control of food and politics, GMO has become a metaphor...

GMO Virus Could Save Florida's Orange Groves [28]

Hit & Run ... - 1 day ago
The U.S. Department of Agriculture will reportedly approve a GMO virus to fight citrus greening disease.and...

Why It's Hard To Know If Your Food Is GMO [29]

90.5 WESA - 13 hours ago
KH: So when a GMO is proposed by a company, how do we know it's safe to eat? What's the oversight? JH: Well that's one of our biggest concerns because in the U.S., at this point, we only...

Local Journalists Dig Deeper into GMO Policy in Armenia [30]

Armenian Weekly - 1 day ago
Many facts regarding the precedent of GMO seeds in Armenia, however, remained unclear. In response to the uncertainty, EVN Report launched a 10-day investigation involving interviews with...

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Vaccine Injury

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Marketplace Vaccine Liability for Manufacturers and Pharmacists [31]

Pharmacy Times - 5 days ago
As a result of these claims, Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (42 USC §§ 300(aa)(1-34),1 signed into law by President Ronald Reagan as part of a larger health care...

New Rule Change Makes Vaccine Court More Petitioner Friendly [32]

Law.com - 2 weeks ago
In December 2016, I wrote an article in The Legal Intelligencer to explain the unique, and often times, crippling statute of limitations provisions set forth by the National Vaccine Injury...

Medical Exemptions Triple After California Vaccine Law Goes Into ... [33]

CBS Sacramento - 6 days ago
State Sen. Richard Pan says doctors are manipulating the vaccination law he wrote, writing unnecessary or improper medical exemptions to allow children to ...and...

Algonac mayor spread vaccine fears [34]

The Times Herald - 2 weeks ago
Algonac's mayor is helping to facilitate a hepatitis A vaccine discussion at the restaurant where a worker was found to be infected with the illness last month.and...

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Mercury Pollution

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Health threat from mercury in freshwater fish could be blowing away in the wind [35]

Science Daily - 7 hours ago
The fact that it looked like there was nothing that could be done to improve the mercury pollution situation has made it easier to focus on new contaminants which might be out there, rather than the...

Clean-up finally underway at mercury pollution site [36]

SWI swissinfo.ch - 1 day ago
Workers have started excavating mercury-contaminated soil from gardens and private land in the small Swiss town of Raron. Mercury waste was ...and...

Mercury decline in seabirds due to diet, not emissions controls [37]

Phys.Org - 11 hours ago
For 47 years, biologists have plucked eggs from seabird nests along the British Columbia coast. Many of the eggs were collected from remote rocky islands ...and...

Kenosha County lakes proposed for DNR impaired list [38]

Kenosha News - 1 day ago
Lake Michigan, for mercury pollution with an impairment indicator of contaminated fish tissue and for PCBs with an impairment indicator of contaminated fish tissue. Eichelman Beach, Lake Michigan,...

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Nutritional Regulation

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An Alfalfa Leafcutting Bee's First Meal is a Big Deal [39]

Entomology Today - 4 months ago
An alfalfa leafcutting bee (Megachile rotundata) visits an alfalfa flower. A new study on the species shows that larval diet influences whether it matures and reproduces in one season or enters...

Indirect Effects From Menu Labeling Can Improve The Public's Health [40]

Health Affairs (blog) - 3 yearss ago
Past industry action has shown that food outlets could proactively make voluntary changes to products to reduce the threat of future, more stringent nutritional regulation. In the end, these...

The Healthiest Diet For Your Cat [41]

Huffington Post (blog) - 6 yearss ago
Our results show strong nutritional regulation, reinforcing the fact that macronutrient regulation is common across trophic levels [feeding positions in a food chain] and providing important...

Part of the 2015 re-invention: Innophos Nutrition announces formation of scientific advisory board [42]

NutraIngredients-usa.com - 2 yearss ago
Michael McIntosh, PhD, RD – Lucy S. Keker Excellence Professor, Department of Nutrition, University of North Carolina – Greensboro. Dr. McIntosh's research focuses on the...

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