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April 7, 2000




Montreal– The Quebec Holistic Dental Association (QHDA) – a group of environmentally motivated dentists – has received written confirmation from the president of the MUC Executive Committee, Mrs. Vera Danyluk and from the president of the MUC Environmental Commission, Mr. Jacques Charbonneau, concerning their intention to " rule on the installation of mercury amalgam separators in dental clinics on their territory at the April 25th, 2000 scheduled meeting ".

According to MUC data, dental clinics are responsible for at least 25% of all mercury received at the MUC water treatment plant. Moreover, according to MUC reports, dental clinics would be in constant violation of present rules and regulations on wastewater discharges.

Concerning the management of waste at the source by dental clinics, the QHDA also received a letter dated February 7, 2000, from Quebec Ministry of Environment deputy-minister Diane Jean stating "  the Ministry of Environment  can only support the efforts of the MUC to rule on retention and management of toxic substances originating from dental clinics". In addition, the Ministry of Environment hopes the MUC’s initiative will have an instigating effect on other municipalities.

The QHDA is affiliated with the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) and brings together dentists who practice according to a wellness-based philosophy. Last December, QHDA adopted a resolution committing all its members to recycle mercury wastes  "in office" with ISO approved technologies. Application of these measures will ensure member’s act within the confines of present and future legislation of municipalities and urban communities governing mercury wastes.

IAOMT recommends mercury separators as a Standard of Care for all its members. IAOMT has long determined that mercury wastes discharged from dental clinics  present a significant environmental risk  as stated in IAOMT president Dr. Ronald Dressler’s letter to the MUC supporting their initiative.

" We are extremely happy with the MUC’s and Ministry of Environment’s intention to solve the problem of mercury wastes from dental clinics. We trust the Quebec Order of Dentists and the Quebec Association of Dental Surgeons will also endorse this endeavour and support the MUC as well as other municipalities who decide to rule on mercury in wastewater", concludes Dr. Guy Duquet, president of QHDA.

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