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Mercury in the News
National Amalgam Awareness Week
Codex Alert
Dentist Allowed to Criticize Mercury-Based Fillings
Commentary By Charlie Brown of Consumers for Dental Choice on Connecticut Ruling
Unborn Babies Carry Pollutants, Study Finds

Read the Full Report, Methodology, etc. at ewg.org
Environmentalists Urge Connecticut to Ban Use of Dental Mercury
IMVA President Communication RE: Robert F. Kennedy, JR. Essay on the History of
Thimerosal in Vaccines

Missouri Senate Votes to Limit Mercury in Childhood Vaccine
New Study Shows Vaccine Mercury Results in More Than Twice as Much Mercury
Being Trapped in the Brain

Legislation Provides Critical Access to Complimentary & Alternative Medical Treatments
Most in City Have Terror Survival Plan
What to Do if a Nuclear Disaster is Imminent

Dental Amalgam News Archives
Mercury in the Mouth - The Debate Over Dental Amalgams
Group Pushes Ban on Mercury Dental Fillings
Mercury Filling Debate Heating Up In California
Ontario Reserves to Demand Inquiry into Mercury Dumping
Officials Investigate Rush County Mercury Spill
Mercury Warning for Natoma Fish
Pennsylvania Targets Auto Switches As Mercury Pollution Source
Vaccine Firms Urged to Eliminate Mercury - July 1999
The Danger of  Mercury in Vaccines causing BRAIN DAMAGE in Infants–Autism etc.
Cover Up on the Flouride Issue No Different Than Mercury From Dental Amalgam
Respected Medical Professionals and Scientists are Warning that Water Flouridation has Dangerous Long-Term Consequences to Health
Busting the Vitamin Cartel
Nature's Alternative: Chairman Burton to Examine the Benefit of Dietary Supplements - September 2004
Vitamin C is Safe
Kids Against Polution, et al, vs. American Dental Association (ADA), et al
McReynolds vs. American Dental Association, et al
Letters to the American Dental Association from Victims of Dental Amalgam Mercury Toxicity
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Dr. Hulda Clark, Ph.D., N.D. Arrested
HR 1680 - Bill to Ban Mercury Dental Fillings
Articles & Research Resource Area
Is Mercury Toxicity an Autoimmune Disorder?
Scientists Connect Alzheimer's Disease To Mercury
A Few Suggestions for Mecurial Fillings for Teeth (Printed in 1896)
Mercury Pollution and You:  How Mercury Affects Human Health
EPA Table of Mercury Advisories (US Bodies of Water with Mercury Levels)
Dr. Richard D. Fischer Testimony Before Congress
Report on Mercury Toxicity from Dental Amalgams and Thimerosal Presented to Congressional Hearing - May 8, 2003

Why Mercury Should Be Eliminated From Dental Fillings, Vaccines, and Diet - Dr. Boyd Haley
Molecular Interactions with Mercury in the Kidney
Symptoms of Mercury Vapor Exposure From Mercury Amalgam Dental Fillings
Tooth Traitors, an online publication by Ernie Mezei
Scientifically Proven Facts About Mercury and Dental Amalgam
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Mercury Free Dentists - Biological Dentists International Directory
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Mercury Free Dentists - Biological Dentists Directory - NEW ZEALAND
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Going to the Dentist: What you need to know
IAOMT Mercury Removal Protocols
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Detoxification: Heavy Metals & other Toxins
Signs and Symptoms from Mercury Vapor Exposure from Mercury Amalgam Dental Fillings
Mercury Toxicity and the Use of DMPS Chelation

Effects of Chelation Therapy on Children Exposed to Lead
DMPS: One Doctor's View
Chelation Therapy Explained
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Alfred Stock, 1926
What to Do if a Nuclear Disaster is Imminent

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Dr. Alfred Stock, 1926

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