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Articles & Research

A Few Suggestions for Mecurial Fillings for Teeth [1](Printed in 1896)

Is Mercury Toxicity an Autoimmune Disorder? [2]

Mercury Pollution and You: How Mercury Affects Human Health [3]

Molecular Interactions with Mercury in the Kidney [4]

Report on Mercury Toxicity from Dental Amalgams and Thimerosal [5]
(Presented to Congressional Hearing – May 8, 2003)

Scientifically Proven Facts About Mercury and Dental Amalgam [6]

Scientists Connect Alzheimer’s Disease To Mercury [7]

Tooth Traitors, an online publication by Ernie Mezei [8]

What Patients Don’t Know: Dentists’ Sweet Tooth for Mercury [9]

Why Mercury Should Be Eliminated From Dental Fillings, Vaccines, and Diet  – Dr. Boyd Haley [10]