Holistic and Biological Dental Directory


Welcome to!  My name is Dr. James Rota, a retired Holistic and Biological Dentist and retired D.D.S.  I was an Assistant Professor of the first graduating class at UCLA School of Dentistry.  I am currently the Director of, a Holistic and Biological dentistry directory., my Holistic and Biological website directory, was created to alert the public and for dentists to learn the truth and scientific practices of mercury’s serious toxic effect on the human body.  My directory will educate and prove the truth regarding this serious issue.

In my early childhood, I played with this curious toy, unaware of it’s common toxic odorless vapors.  Later in 50 plus career, I began to suffer from the toxic effects of mercury.  As a Holistic and Biological dentist, I discovered it’s aggravated toxic mercury vapors clinging to my body cells.

My vast studies included the properties and utilization of the various filling materials, including the most commonly used,  silver amalgam filling.  These mercury vapors occur by mixing and inserting the silver amalgam filling and/or by carelessly removing it.  Thus releasing its’ mercury vapor from heat generated by the drilling process.  This in turn, creates a colorless order less insidiously lethal toxic vapor.  These fillings can contain as much as 50% mercury and when in combination with other metals, is scientifically revealed to be a toxic combination.  I was taught that this filling was toxically inert, free of mercury’s toxic properties.  We now know this is scientifically a false observation and supported by the laws of Entropy Science.

Today a growing number of dentists across the country have now become aware of their dangerous practice.  They have begun to learn alternative options and procedures such as Holistic and Biological procedures available.  As Director of, a Holistic and Biological directory, I have invited those trained dentists to appear in my directory.  By reviewing the literature on my website, these dentists are learning more about this new scientific evidentiary literature now serving to correct these practices.  These correcting practices have been called, “Biological Dental Services”.  Dentist have sought scientific validation by attending conferences held by the various groups such as IAOMT, (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology), the International Academy of Biological Dentistry in Medicine and the Holistic Dental Association, along with others. I have listed these organizations and more in my book, “Mirror of the Body”.

I will continue to do my best to make a Holistic and Biological place for you to learn what actions the government is taking on this common, innocent looking filling in our mouths.  This restorative practice is having a major impact on our good health and well-being.