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Current Legislative Activities



Current Congress (114th):

Previous Congresses:

H.Res. 648 (111th): Expressing the need for enhanced public awareness of potential health effects posed by mercury. [1]

H.R. 2101 (110th): Mercury in Dental Fillings Disclosure and Prohibition Act [2]

H.R. 4011 (109th): Mercury in Dental Fillings Disclosure and Prohibition Act [3]



2015 state legislative activity:

Most recent prior state legislative activities:

H2000 (MA 188): Resolve providing for an investigation and study by a special commission relative to the safety of dental amalgam [4]

S1026 (MA 188): Requiring informed consent to the use of dental amalgam which contains mercury in dental procedures [5]

HB1254 (MD cc613f6879a8): Environment – Dental Amalgam – Reduction in Use [6]

HB47 (MD cc613f6879a8): Environment – Mercury – Dental Amalgam [7]

H0734 (VT 2013-2014): An Act Relating To Reduction Of Mercury-containing Dental Amalgam [8]

A345 (NJ 413e4d3f5b59): Directs Division of Consumer Affairs to develop informational brochure regarding dental amalgam, and requires dentists to distribute brochure to patients and offer composite alternatives. [9]

A2214 (NJ 2012-2013): Requires dental benefits coverage for dental composite restorations. [10]

SB99 (NM 2013): Dental amalgam waste act [11]

SB108 (NM 2013): Dental amalgam waste reduction act [12]