Scientists are now just beginning to link many health problems to body toxicity .

Toxins in the  body will cause premature aging and undue stress on all of the organs of the body.

About Toxins:

The New Webster’s Medical Dictionary defines detoxification as:
“To decrease the toxic properties of a substance: to remove the effects of toxic substances.”

There are two types of toxins:

Lymphatic-SystemToxins that originate outside the body are Exotoxins
(example: mercury from fillings, pesticides, chemicals)

Toxins that originate in the body are Endotoxins
(example: certain by-products of incomplete digestion)

When we do not get sufficient oxygen in our bodies, through inactivity, for example, we get the acidic toxic by-products of incomplete metabolism, which may cause damage to our tissues. This results in physical problems such as osteoporosis, arthritis, or tooth decay.

A build up of toxins can cause any number of other physical problems, including degenerative and more rapid aging processes, and other ailments ranging from allergies to cellulite.

The organs that eliminate these damaging toxins are primarily the colon, kidney, and skin. The colon releases the majority by our daily eliminations; followed by the kidneys through urination; and skin, through perspiration. If we become constipated, we may retain and reabsorb these damaging substances. If we do not get enough water, the toxins may collect and concentrate and damage our kidneys. And if we don’t sweat, they may cause a variety of skin conditions from the concentrated toxins.

On a cellular level, our Lymphatic System is also a major eliminator of toxins.