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Second Chance On Life
by Denise Knight
PUT YOUR SPEAKERS ON TO Watch and Listen to my Testimony
before The FDA hearings in December 2010

My name is Denise, and I have an unusual story to tell you. I was a Flight Attendant with a major airline, I have been on Medical Leave for over ten years. My illness is unusual, as is my story.  This began January 6, 2000.

My Toxic System
May 2000
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to see full size report)

When I was first diagnosed with this illness I was living in Kentucky. The traditional doctors could not diagnose what was wrong with me. A pilot that I am friends with suggested that I go to New York to see the well-known Dr. Robert Atkins (of the Atkins Clinic in NY City), as he was a homeopathic physician, and perhaps be able to diagnose the problem.

I met with Dr. Atkins, and upon looking at me he said, “You are Toxic”. I originally had two fillings removed, and replaced with porcelain prior to seeing Dr. Atkins. After testing done by Doctors Data, a well known heavy metal testing lab, I come to find out I had a count of 70. He instructed me to have all of my remaining amalgam removed from my teeth, unfortunately he did not tell me to use a Holistic Dentist, as they are trained in the removal of amalgam fillings.

I then went back to the dentist in Kentucky, told him I was toxic, and if there was a special procedure, please use it. He strongly disagreed with me and said, "That's a bunch of baloney," and removed the remaining fillings.

I was immediately tested again, and found out I am in serious trouble. The range for a person to have mercury in your body is 0-3 you might survive at a count of 250 but not much past that. I now had a count of 660. I am now in serious trouble.

I had moments of time of clarity that came through, and then left suddenly. I could not think clearly, and my memory retention was 1.5 seconds after taking the The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale 111 test.  My frozen foods were under the bed, my shoes were in the freezer; the fruit and vegetables were in the bedroom closet; had three fires in the kitchen; kept putting my indoor cat outside; trash was under my dining room table.  I could not function.

My situation is now critical. Dr. Atkins suggested that I come to New York to receive Chelation Therapy to remove the toxins which would take some time, as Kentucky did not offer Chelation Therapy.

I will tell you the damage this did to my system was profound! Here is a run down for you:

  • My I.Q. dropped to 57 (mild retardation)
  • My Immune System totally compromised, which led to Cancer
  • Adrenal glands were in stage two
  • Hormones affected
  • My Kidney and Liver were extremely stressed
  • My Colon collapsed, had to have colonics weekly
  • I had Heart Valve problems
  • Mycroplasma - a bacteria in the blood - creates brain fog
  • Cholesterol off the charts
  • Electrolites off the charts
  • Autoimmune Deficiency
  • Parasites
  • Candida in a severe state  - a yeast infection in the intestines caused by sugar
  • Chemical Sensitivity very severe - unable to wear lipstick, use cleansers, soap, shampoo, and much more
  • Hypothyroidism developed
  • Hypoglycemic
  • Severe Allergies to food, medicine/environment - which are the residual results of mercury poisoning
  • Chronic fatigue set in
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Hair loss
  • Nails broke
  • My brain was in a Severe Foggy State, similar to one with Alzheimer’s. It was awful.

I can go on, but I am sure you see what a train wreck I had become.

IV for Chelation
at the Atkins Clinic, NYC

There were four pilots that were wonderful friends who assisted me financially for a short time. I had discovered an organization called “The Pegasus Project" that raised money to assist flight attendants who were terminally or critically ill. This was and still is a helpful and merciful organization that helped for a time, and I was so grateful.

I was fortunate enough to become friends with a gentleman at the credit union named Bill, who took charge of my financial crisis, and saw to it that my bills were paid on time. He spoke with me daily, and has been a godsend, however he is no longer with the credit union, and I did not have the privilege to meet him. I could not have survived without his kindness and their support.

I ended up taking a room over a garage in Queens so I could keep up with the Chelation Therapy treatment in New York. I would see Dr. Atkins for six months, then go back to Kentucky to let the veins in my arm heal, then to return to New York to do it all over again.  This lasted four years and nine months. 

I was unable to work, yet I was denied long-term disability by my company’s doctor, who claimed I was fine.

I feel truly blessed that I survived. I recall Dr. Atkins said to me, “Denise, God is not ready for you yet.” He also said that in fifty years of medicine, he did not read it in a book or treat someone as poisoned as I, and survive. Wow, that is some statement! While I was in Kentucky, the doctors could not diagnose what was wrong, and suppressed my immune system further by prescribing IV’s of antibiotics. Dr. Atkins immediately began IV’s of EDTA twice a week, Vitamin C once a week, and DMPS was taken twice in four years to pull out the poisons, and build up the immune system. He then began treating my other symptoms, and over a period of four years, I slowly became well.

However, I feel that it is important, for everyone to be aware that the removal of amalgam is a very complex issue, and much more information needs to be disseminated to anyone who is undertaking this procedure. We tend to think that all dentists are aware of the careful removal of this dangerous substance, but apparently they are not. If you need to remove your silver fillings use a Holistic Dentist as they are trained in the removal of this dangerous substance.

I found out that a very sad thing happened, Dr. Atkins passed away.

Post Chelation, Pre Cancer

Just when I saw the light at the end of the tunnel, I went for my annual sonogram and mammogram, and the results came back positive for breast cancer, stage two. I cannot begin to tell you how devastated I was. This was truly a nightmare! I had worked so hard to rid my body of the toxins, and Build Up My Immune System, now I would be forced to immediately PUT the toxins right back in, and knock out the immune system AGAIN!

Besides all of that, the landlord said he needed the room, and I could not continue to live there. How anyone could do this to someone going through Chemo is very sad. My financial situation had become quite dire. Due to the situation at hand, it forced me to make a very difficult decision. I went back to Kentucky, put my things in storage, and found a temporary apartment in Long Island to begin treatment for cancer. One person has continued to help.

His generosity enabled me the time I needed to slowly rebuild myself, rebuild my stamina and get the wheels, so to speak, in the brain to work again. This has been a slow and difficult task for me. To get my brain back, work on staying focused, regain my memory, multi-task, and being sharp again "has been huge." I am told it will return, and do see this slowly being accomplished. Ten years out of the work force, not interacting with people daily, and being alone, puts a person in a place of "being lost." However, I do see the change slowly happening, I so desperately need.

My memory, focus, multi-tasking, and sharpness will be last to show - What a journey!
This Captain has only enhanced my life, and allowed me to get well with dignity. I do not hear from him, he has been a silent contributor to my health, and a very special friend.

If it were not for him, my two cats (sad to say that Mink, my cat/little boy, had cancer for the third time, which took his life) and my faith, I would not have been able to get through all of this. I want very much to get the word out so this does not happen to others.

After Chemotherapy

My chemo and radiation treatments are now behind me. Maintenance, healing, and a specific menu of eating is my priority.

I have changed my lifestyle. I only ingest organic foods. I stay away from sugar as Cancer thrives on sugar. I am not able to have flaxseed as I am estrogen positive, and soy as that has effects on the thyroid. I am also left with the residual effects of many allergies from the Mercury, but you know what -- I AM ALIVE!

I have always maintained a Positive Attitude, Determination, Perserverance, Polish, Professional Appearance, and People Skills. Nothing will stop me from reaching my goals, and contributing my ideas to society.

I had to resign from my postition as Flight Attendant.  Being on the plane with people coughing and sneezing with the same recycled air would not be good for my immune system, as it was compromised twice. Once from mercury and arsenic, then second from cancer and radiation, which broke my heart.

I will relocate as Suffolk County, Long Island is the largest area in the United States for Cancer.

It is IMPORTANT for me to get this story out. It would make this journey of mine worthwhile, productive, relieve all the stress, and give me a new start.

Thank You for taking the time to read this. Any questions or concerns, you may contact me.

Denise Knight

E-MAIL: deniseflynfree@gmail.com
Dr. Alfred Stock, 1926

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