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Dental Amalgam in the News

Kenya: Dental Amalgam a Health, Environmental Risk

Activists - 2 weeks ago
A group of environmental activists led by former US State Attorney General have petitioned the Kenyan government to phase out the use of the substance in health care terming it as toxic to human...

Dental Fillings: Which Material Is Right For You?

The Epoch Times - 3 weeks ago
The FDA does caution that if you are allergic or sensitive to mercury or any of the other components of amalgam, that you should choose another type of filling. The World Health Organization has...

Asian countries adopt plans to phase down amalgam

Dhaka Tribune - 3 weeks ago
Desiree Narvaez of UNEP said national action plans to phase down dental amalgam use will add to the country's road map to ratify the Minamata Convention. “Based on the national action plans,...

Environmentalists stress on mercury free dentistry

Dhaka Tribune - 4 weeks ago
Environmentalists from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, China, South Africa, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Philippines took part in the Asian NGO Summit towards Mercury-Free Dentistry: "Successful...

SBDC bags first position in table clinic contest

Dental News Pakistan - 3 days ago
The title of the competition was“Mercury Disposal in Manipulation of Dental Amalgam”. Head of Science and Dental Materials Department Prof DrTahir Ali Khan andthe SBDC vice principal, Prof Dr...

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Mercury Pollution

Michigan mercury pollution rule challenge rejected by Supreme Court - 1 week ago
Coal power plants, which are being phased-out across Michigan and the U.S., are the largest single source of man-made mercury pollution. Decades of coal burning has led to elevated mercury levels in...

Looking forward to the opening of the Integrated Science Center, phase 3

William and Mary News - 2 days ago
Biologist Dan Cristol and his research colleagues study the effects of mercury pollution on wildlife. He and his colleagues are interested in the effects of mercury that has been processed by...

Gold Mining Has Devastated The Peruvian Amazon

ThinkProgress - 4 weeks ago
Mercury pollution contaminates soil, water, and air — and when it enters the human body, it can harm the brain, heart, kidneys, lungs, and immune system. Now some four decades after mining moved...

Supreme Court lets EPA's mercury pollution regulations stand

Royal Society of Chemistry - 4 months ago
Methylmercury is the highly toxic form of mercury that comes from power plants, and the EPA has deemed it a neurotoxin that can cause blindness and deafness, and can affect coordination and speech....

Legal Experts: Supreme Court Decision on Mercury Pollution Could Undercut Chemical Reform

Environmental Working Group (blog) - 3 months ago
You might think you can't put a price on protecting public health and the environment. But you'd be wrong — especially if we're talking about the nation's broken and outdated...

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Fluoride In Buffalo's Water? Council Says No

Sheridan Media (press release) - 3 days ago
Buffalo's City Council announced at their Tuesday meeting that there will be no fluoride added to Buffalo's municipal water at least for the foreseeable future. After months of discussions,...

Mercury sandwich complex snags fluoride

The Biological SCENE - 2 weeks ago
Researchers in Russia have isolated for the first time a mercury anticrown complex binding a fluoride ion. This feat comes decades after chemists first started exploring these unusual compounds....

Machias voters approve keeping fluoride in the water

Bangor Daily News - 1 week ago
MACHIAS, Maine — Machias voters Wednesday night elected to continue adding fluoride to the water for the intended purpose of fighting tooth decay. The question was the last of 55 articles on the...

China Fluoride Materials Monthly Report May 2016

Research and Markets - 3 days ago
As the listed fluorochemical companies in succession released their financial reports, the author specifically selected 4 companies, Do-Fluoride, Shanghai 3F, Zhejiang Juhua and Zhejiang Yongtai, to...

Is Putting Fluoride in Our Water Rational?

Windsor Independent (press release) - 1 week ago
What politicians need to know is that fluoride harms people, and as such, it is foolish and dangerous to add it to our drinking and bathing water. If people want to use fluoride, they can of their...

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More Big Country parents rejecting vaccinations for their kids

KTXS - 56 minutes ago
In a recently released report, the group stated that the number of parents rejecting vaccinations for their children in Taylor County increased tenfold -- claiming non-medical exemptions, things like...

WHO to Launch Emergency Yellow Fever Vaccinations in Angola, Congo

Scientific American - 2 days ago
A young girl gets a yellow fever vaccine, on November 23, 2009 in Monrovia. Credit: GLENNA GORDON/AFP/Getty Images. Advertisement. By Aaron Ross. The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Thursday...

Advocacy group urges vaccinations for children - 1 day ago
Representatives of a Texas immunization advocacy group made Abilene their final stop Thursday on a 13-city tour to address what they say is a disturbing trend. Rekha Lakshmanan, director of advocacy...

Measles vaccinations prevent outbreaks and school disruptions

Prescott Daily Courier - 3 days ago
Summer is an ideal time for families to arrange to have their school-age children vaccinated, with most insurances covering the cost of any such pediatric vaccinations. For those without insurance,...

Stay on top of vaccinations

Reading Eagle - 4 days ago
Scheirer said having a primary care doctor is important to help coordinate care and to schedule those vaccinations. She said access to care can be a challenge if children are uninsured or don't...

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Vaccination Injury

Vaccine use warrants asking questions

Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel - 7 days ago
As a result of the film, last Thursday the filmakers and vaccine injury parents were given a meeting with Congressman Jason Chaffetz, the head of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee,...

The Gardasil Vaccine Medical Scandal

Center for Research on Globalization - 2 days ago
(President Ronald Reagan, as he signed The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986, absolving drug companies from all medico-legal liability when children die or are disabled from...

ER Doc and MedWife on VaXxed after Seattle Showing

Age of Autism - 3 days ago
It's probably vaccine injury in some cases. … “And calling the pediatrician and saying, 'Look, you know, got this kid in here, you just gave him shots the other day, and they're...

Killing Gun Rights By Smothering Gun Makers

America's 1st Freedom (press release) (blog) - 2 days ago
Indeed, the Communications Decency Act protects telecom companies from liability. The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act protects pharmaceutical companies from liability. A 1994 law protects the...

Reading Man Wins $2M In Vaccine Case

The Vermont Standard - 4 weeks ago
The former horse trainer was recently compensated $2.05 million by the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program for his loss. Attempts to reach Rodd weren't successful. With the compensation...

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Countdown to GMO Labeling

But We're Not There Yet - 9 hours ago
In seven days, if all goes well, labeling genetically engineered (GMO) ingredients will be the law in Vermont. But the Senate is scrambling to keep that from happening. Just yesterday, Senators...

Senate Reaches GMO Labeling Deal

AgWeb - 1 day ago
It's murky,” Weisemeyer said, noting how the House presented its own GMO labeling bill a year ago. If the House wants something significantly different from the Senate, time could get tight....

The Non-GMO Market Just Got a Major Boost, but There's a Catch

Motley Fool - 2 days ago
The market for ingredients made without genetic engineering, also known as non-GMO ingredients, has enjoyed rapid growth in recent years. Factors such as well-organized marketing interests, the...

BIO Welcomes Senate Agreement on GMO Labeling

Business Wire (press release) - 17 hours ago
“The Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) welcomes the Senate's carefully crafted, bipartisan legislative agreement to finally move our country forward on the GMO disclosure issue,”...

Argentina Strikes Deal on GMO Seeds

Wall Street Journal - 1 day ago
Argentina's government resolved a dispute over genetically modified seeds that will permit biotech companies like Monsanto Co. MON 1.86 % to collect royalties on crop genes. The country's...

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