Our visitors that come to TALKInternational.com often need information and are looking for solutions to health concerns that they are experiencing.  Some people have gone traditional routes and have come up empty handed.  It is our goal to educate, encourage you to think for yourself, and point you to resources to empower you in your optimal health journey.

If you are looking for help, we suggest browsing our website for information and resources that may put you in the right direction. You will find information about finding a dentist that can help you, get more education about the effects of mercury fillings, or you may join our discussion group and ask questions to people who may have been through your situation.

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Oftentimes we find a desire to take action, to help the cause, when we find out an injustice has been done.  If you would like to get involved and do something to stop mercury from being needlessly placed in our mouths, often without informed consent, then we can help you find the way to make your contribution.

Some people join organizations, participate in activities that promote safe dental practices or increase public awareness of the dangers of dental mercury.  Others will make donations to the groups that are out there fighting the good fight.  Take some time to browse our website and get to know who is involved and where you feel inspired to help.  We recommend starting in the Community section of our website.