I would not have understood the cruelty of mercury poisoning had I not suffered from a dental accident. Mercury and other debris were dropped and lodged into my jaw as a result of a botched root canal. Over the two years following the accident, I lost 48 lbs. and suffered from numerous symptoms including tremors, visual disturbances, ringing in my ears, chronic yeast infections, massive loss of memory, yellow toenails, temporary paralysis of my extremities, insomnia, allergies to chemicals, and psychological problems previously unbeknownst to me.

It took me time to realize this mistake, in addition to my 13 mercury fillings, were “at the root” of my complete decline in health. One of the first websites that I found when I began researching the issue of dental amalgam fillings and mercury poisoning was TALK International. The stories about other consumers like me. I found there struck a chord with me and were a profound part of my initial research, which offered me much-needed proof that my own health issues could be related to mercury. The information on TALK International also offered me hope that I might actually be able to understand what had happened to me and take steps towards recovery.

Indeed, thanks to TALK International, I continued to research mercury through books, scientific studies, testimonials, and other internet sources. Over a period of several years, I also had my mercury fillings removed and detoxified using both pharmaceutical and natural medications. My health drastically improved, and the research that began at TALK International has now expanded to my work with a number of mercury-based research groups. Notably, I have read over 1000 scientific articles about mercury and through a variety of projects, I have had the opportunity to work alongside global experts in providing imperative information about the dangers of mercury to other consumers, health care professionals, and government leaders.

Many days, it seems almost unbelievable that fighting against dental mercury amalgam fillings has become such a part of my daily routine, but I feel a responsibility to make this issue known to the public because I want to prevent other people, especially children, from suffering like I did. I am eternally grateful to TALK International for helping me to find this new mission in my life and for its role in connecting people from around the world to work together to solve this modern-day plague.

I am also hopeful that because of consumer awareness and scientific proof, we will collectively realize many incurable diseases are actually caused by toxic chemicals like mercury. When we recognize that these poisons are harming us, perhaps we will stop treating the symptoms and begin healing with permanent cures. Working together through TALK International and other pertinent forums is the best way for us to make this healthier future happen sooner rather than later. In other words, cooperating and sharing information via TALK International is the key to our own health, the health of our families, and the health of our future. I am grateful to be a part of this coalition and look forward to many more joining our forces– we can truly change the future of world health by sharing our stories and uniting our efforts. That is precisely why the role of TALK International and each one of us is so important, necessary, and powerful: together, we are making the world a healthier place.



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