by Heather V.

August 2009

I have not been feeling well for a number of years. It has always been something minor. Allergies, bronchitis, fatigue. I just took a prescription, and it usually went away. However, in the last year I have progressively become worse, especially these last few months. I have for the most part, been pretty healthy. No surgeries, long term illnesses, diseases, etc.

In 2000, I started feeling ill a lot more often. I developed Vitiligo, an auto-immune disease. Next, my thyroid was low, so I began thyroid treatment. Over the last few months, I have had chronic fatigue, dizziness/numbness in my hands, arms and mouth, neck pain, headaches, brain fog, loss of concentration, moody, fits of anger (usually towards my kids), low blood pressure (usually about 102/76) suddenly 85/56, fainting, Candida overgrowth, generalized weakness to the point I could not move, nausea, diarrhea or constipation, the list just does not seem to end.

After spending the last year in and out of my personal doctor’s office and feeling frustrated that she could not diagnose me with the cause of anything, I decided to try another approach. First, I did some online researching. I actually “Googled” my symptoms. Mercury poisoning popped up.

I started reading more about this and found a holistic dentist in my area. I made an appointment and went and spoke with him. After doing X-rays, he noticed a previous root canal, where the crown had fallen off. He examined it and saw that the amalgam filling was packed all the way down into the root and had penetrated through my gum line. This is where he thinks is the source of my illness. He referred me to a chiropractor who specializes in mercury poisoning.

Sure enough, after doing some muscle test and listening to my symptoms, diagnosed me with mercury poisoning and Candida overgrowth. Just today he started me on mercury detox program. I plan on getting rid of the amalgam fillings safely, and continuing on the detox program for the next 3-6 months in hopes of ridding my body of this.

I have never really believed in this sort of approach, but when my regular doctors have chronically failed me over and over, saying it was depression or in my head, I decided to look elsewhere for answers. While still somewhat skeptical on this type of treatment program, I am desperate to try anything safely.

I was told that not only mercury poisoning will go away, but so will the Candida, Vitaligo, low thyroid and hypoglycemia. I am on a sugar-free diet, which is extremely hard for me. I have always drank countless sodas, fast food and high carb foods. So these new changes will be hard, but worth it, I think, in the end.

Lucky for me, I think we caught this disease in time before anymore damage was done.

For those of you who are sick and can’t figure out why, consider it may be from your fillings. Get into a detox program and get rid of the mercury fillings safely through a holistic dentist.

Good luck.

Heather V.


Update One Month Later:

As far as my progress goes, I recently (about 4 weeks now) have begun Detox with a holistic doctor. I am taking a number of supplements, and I feel great.  My fatigue is better, my thyroid issues are much better, to the point that I am not taking my thyroid medicine any longer. I do not feel faint, although my muscles still have mild twitching. I am sleeping much better and concentrating more during the day. My hair has stopped falling out almost completely (from the Candida), my vision has improved etc.

I cannot believe the difference. My doctors were so understanding and caring. I really felt relief by going to see someone who had experience in doing this.

In a few weeks I am going to have the first round of amalgam fillings removed by a holistic dentist who specializes in the safe removal of this type.  Once I get the four fillings out of my mouth, I will begin taking Probiotics to help repair the damage and build my body’s immune system back up.

I don’t feel as if I am losing my mind anymore. I have even begun to change my eating habits. I have almost completely stopped drinking soda, and I am trying to cut out all white refined sugars from my diet and my children’s.

I am excited to finish up the program and look forward to living healthier! I refuse to allow my children to have amalgam put into their teeth.


Heather V., Age 37
Martinez, CA

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