by Susan B 

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I have a story to share that is destined to make its way to headline news, and although it may come as a surprise, your story could be the one on the center page. The general public is being poisoned in epidemic proportions by what many refer to as a “silver” filling. Silver fillings contain approximately 50% mercury, the second most toxic substance on our planet, and you might want to look up just how common the symptoms are to understand the possible connection of anything that might be ailing you. The symptoms cover the gamut of a medical book, and who would ever consider seeing the dentist for physical ailments. A major missing link, no doubt.

But times, they are a changing, and now an unstoppable momentum has erupted across our country to divulge the truth, expose those who are profitting at the expense of others, and change the course of dentistry as we once knew it. Although dentists have been notorious for the last doctor on our list to be seen, they may ironically become the most crucial doctor in restoring the extensive level of health issues we face today. It is time for the ADA (American Dental Association) to take responsibility, and embark immediately on the proper removal of mercury from our mouths and from dentistry altogether.

My name is Susan, a fortunate suvivor of mercury poisoning, and I have learned much about humility and gratitude throughout both my health decline and recovery. This is a personal story I would like to share with you, in the hopes of making a difference. This is my story, at least the way I remember it.

After a decade of extensive medical experts, to include major medical facilities such as UCLA, Cedars Sinai, OHSU, and many, many more, I had a fluke conversation with a nonmedical friend from my past who provided me with direction that not only “changed” my life, but I believe “saved” my life. His response to my bizarre health decline was straightforward and simple, “Sounds to me like you’re toxic,” he said. He strongly suggested as a priority, the removal of the mercury in my silver fillings, and referred me to what he considered the best dentist around, Dr. James Rota DDS.

I clearly remember reading over the list of common symptoms of mercury toxicity and saying to myself, “Ah ha! This is me!” I was overwhelmed with emotion as finally a seemingly logical explanation came into view and the four letter word I so desperately craved entered my life — H-O-P-E.

I have been down many roads, both physically and literally, including running the streets and hills of sunny California. LIfe was good, real good, for me, my husband, and three children. Minor health issues, seemingly of no significance, entered my life sometime in 1987, as my daily running became interrupted by a bothersome sore foot, and tender swollen lympth nodes. Nonetheless, I continued onward and easily conquered my first San Diego half-marathon in 1989.

Over the years my sore foot became sore “feet”, sore “hands,” and just a plain “sore” body all over. The effects of the toxicity began to go rampant, under the disguise of conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, ADD, and lupus. The neurologists and rheumatologists referred me back and forth, as my symptomology became more diverse and inconsistent. Drugs were the predominant approach, along with needless surgery, both adding to my toxic load.

By late 1995, my once successful real estate career ended. In 1997, I was deemed “disabled” by the state of California without even completing my disability forms, and began receiving payments. Not an easy handout, but my medical records spoke volumes. In early 1998, confusion and frustration mounts as a doctor directs me to sign a contract stating that I not seek any medical help for six months. Without testing to substantiate my outrageous decline, it certainly had to be “All in my head.”

The landslide continued until September 1998, when I take an “alternative” step into the doorway of medicine where toxicity is the talk of the town. And it should be once you understand that toxicity is brewing in epidemic proportions. Two fine doctors (Dr. James Rota being one) were able to uncover the fiercest toxin that was taking me down. And probably most of you are dealing with the same toxin. The toxin is mercury, which resides in the silver mercury amalgams in our teeth. Although very difficult to measure, my mercury levels produced results off the charts. Never, ever did I consider the dentist a player in my disability or recovery, but then again, I never considered something so obvious as the toxicity in food or drugs to be a factor. Neither did all the “expert” doctors I had seen over the years.

The master game plan for recovery was clear: detoxification! Once the strategic removal of my amalgams were completed in late 1998, a substance specific to mercury removal, referred to as DMPS, was administered and by 1999 detoxification was well under way. Vast nutritional changes were implemented and became a crucial player. By September 2000 I no longer qualified for disability and loved ones considered my recovery a “miracle.”

Although constipation has been documented on my charts for over a decade, it was perhaps the most overlooked, yet detrimental factor in my collapse. The stood is the main exit for toxins, and if the toxins are blocked, the message will “come out” one way or another. Disease is a typical “end” result.

Regularity has now become a big deal in my family, and inevitably someone will brag about their healthy detox! Constipation is no joke to my husband and three children, as they had painstakingly watched me fade away. Now they delight in watching me bounce my way to greater levels of health on the Freedom Spring System. We recently purchased a new home, and requested special installati0n of the system mounted from the ceiling. It was written into our real estate contract and accepted. Bouncercising was a priority permanently integrated into our home.

Bouncercising also poignantly addresses a crucial component that lead to my collapse… stimulation of the lymphatic system. One of my first symptoms were clogged lymph nodes, which in turn directly affected my ability to detoxify my body, which in turn allowed the toxins to take over. The lymphatic system is, in fact, commonly referred to as the body’s garbage collector, and is the system in charge of waste removal. With a well functioning lymphatic system, the bowel then can function properly, ensuring that toxins are expelled from the body. Many times I wonder if my health demise could have been prevented had I been bouncercising. At a minimum, I believe it would have softened the blow. The toxins now exit daily, even though my workouts will often be interrupted for some “relief.” I am grateful.

I believe “detoxification” wil be the new buzz word for decades to come… and for me… Bouncercising offers a solution second to none!

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