In September 2007, attended the Annual Meeting of the IAOMT in Las vegas. At that meeting, Dr. Boyd Haley presented a talk called “Show Us the Science.”  Please read the editorial below by Dr. James Rota.

Dr. Boyd Haley: “Show Us the Science”

During the 2007 Las Vegas meeting of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT), Dr. Boyd Haley reminded its members during his lecture of a statement frequently repeated by one of the founding members, the late Michael Ziff, DDS. He often encouraged the group to “Show Us the Science.” This familiar chant has become the mantra of the IAOMT. Dr. Haley, who has gained respect for his research into the effects of mercury on neurological tissue, “Showed Us the Science.” The entire roster of speakers shared the scientific data that “shows ominous links between the mercury from our fillings and serious illnesses.”

More and more reputable scientific data has linked the mercury in our body to the mercury/silver amalgam fillings in our mouth and the disastrous effect it is having on our bodies. Dr. Haley also reminded us of the early research of the late Weston Price DDS, who demonstrated that bacteria residing in the dentinal tubules are related to infections in other areas of the body. The current growing body of evidence also demonstrates that a significant amount of diseases in our body originate in the mouth.

Increasing numbers of courageous dentists and physicians are now responding to the scientific findings – both clinically, scientifically and logically – that it is not a good idea to put the second most toxic material on this planet in the mouth and not expect to have some undesirable consequences.

Health practitioners have found that symptoms of mercury toxicity are not easily recognized to be linked to mercury. Mercury is not detected in the conventional blood and urine test. Because of its chemical affinity to many chemical bonds in various tissues of the body, it becomes locked in the tissue and often not detected in fluids of the body – urine and blood – unless there was recent exposure.

Dentists were taught that the mercury/silver/amalgam was “inert,” stable, and did not break down. We now know that every time we chew or brush our teeth, mercury is released from these fillings and is absorbed into the body. It has been reported that mercury has a 30 to 40-year half life. Mercury that was acquired years ago can still be present today and becomes accumulative.

This author has attended this and many similar meetings over the last 30 years regarding mercury toxicity and its diagnosis. During these meetings, and in discussions with the attendees, many have shared that one of the reasons they have become schooled in this issue was because of their own health challenges. They were motivated to find the answer and discovered that their chronic symptoms were due to the mercury that they had been working and playing with for years and that which was in their own mouth. Many of these health care providers shared how they used to play with mercury as a child, as was my case. This means that the mercury we played with, and inhaled its colorless, odorless, toxic gas can still be affecting our body today. What a depressing thought, but fortunately it was and is a strong motivation to recognize the danger that was under our nose for years.

At this year’s meeting, the members of the IAOMT were introduced to a non-invasive, revised and updated test, that can alert the patient and practitioner to the ill effects of various toxins. A Porphyrin Profile measures the prophyrins in the urine and serves as a biomarker of the effects of toxins on the heme biosynthetic pathway. Heme is essential for the proper function of many proteins including oxygen transport, energy production, and detoxification. Patterns of specific Porphyrin elevations in urine may serve as functional markers of toxicity from toxic metals (e.g. mercury, lead, or arsenic) or organic chemicals.

Previously, this test was too unstable for accurate findings. However, through persistent research and development, the revised test can now often be substituted for the DMPS or DMSA challenge test, which is often too invasive to the toxic individual. In forthcoming articles on, we will share with you the results and effectiveness of Porphyrin test carried out by dentists or physicians. will endeavor to continue to provide information so that you may consider, with a reasonable understanding, the conditions that affect your health and wellbeing. An effective health partnership is emerging in the health delivery system to deal with this longstanding health crisis. The team consists of a well-trained dentist who will remove the cause of the disease located in the mouth and the physician who will remove the effects located in the tissues of the body. It is time to see the importance of detoxification of our bodies for those of us who are suffering from the effects of mercury poisoning. It is time.


Dr. James Rota, DDS

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