Written by Dr. James Rota,
with a passage from Dr. Mark Breiner, IAOMT President


Talk International profiles individuals who have contributed significantly to the exposing the truth regarding the mercury filling controversy.  The man most qualified for the distinction of Talk International’s first profile is the late Dr. Michael Ziff.



Dr. Michael Ziff was a man of courage and tenacity, who employed the right arm of science as a foundation for his “anti-mercury-filling” position. I met Michael through his father, Sam, who authored the book The Toxic Time Bomb. In response to my inquiry regarding his book, he informed me that his son Michael, a dentist, was gathering like-minded dentists to study this issue. Dr. Michael Ziff was a driving force in the formation of the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT).
Dr. Mark Breiner, President IAOMT, wrote the following:

Usually when a person dies, outside of their circle of family and friends, there is little notice or effect. Not so with the passing of Dr. Michael Ziff. The ripples of his leaving are far and wide. As Executive Director of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, as an author, dentist, and scientist, Michael had profound influence and impact on many people.

When Michael learned the truth about amalgam fillings, he embraced change. He accepted that he may have harmed his patients in the past, but he would not do so in the future. Being a man of immense integrity, he did not see changing his practice as a choice; it was the way it had to be. Not only did he change his practice, but he helped form the IAOMT so that others could learn the truth and also change. The truth was very important to Michael, and he helped set the standard for the Academy. Any position the Academy took had to be based on scientific truths.

Dr. Ziff also helped spread the truth by writing books and publishing the BioProbe newsletters. He did most of this with his beloved father, Sam Ziff, as co-author. What wonderful publications they are, always extremely well referenced and written in a no-nonsense, direct manner.

Michael had a tremendous mind, and it seemed he could recall most of what he had read or written. Anyone who got into a debate with him on matters of dentistry was truly at a disadvantage.

Dr. Ziff became the first Executive Director of the IAOMT. He helped bring us to where we are today – a premier scientific dental/medical organization. He worked tirelessly because of the love he had for dentistry, dentists and the goals of the Academy. He did this with humility, professionalism and respect for all.

We were blessed to have him here, and we will miss him – he was truly a righteous person.

Mark A. Breiner, DDS President, IAOMT

When I look back upon those that took part in this reawaking, I see Dr. Michael Ziff and Sam Ziff included in this extraordinary list of individuals taking part in the “Mercury Revolution.” I am honored to have worked toward the same goal as Dr. Michael Ziff.



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